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How much value does your tree provide you and your community?

Many tree owners are unaware that each tree provides a valuable service to the property owner and community. The functions and service have been identified through research. Formulas are established that assign a dollar value associated with that tree species at its present size in that location. In an effort to make more people aware of the environmental value of trees, a website has been created for everyone to check the value of their favorite trees.                                                                                                                                                    This is the National Tree Benefit Calculator. It is simple to use. Enter your zip code. Select your tree from a drop down menu of common names. Wrap a measuring tape around the trunk at 54 inches (or 4.5 ft) above the ground. This is level is referred to as diameter at standard height (dsh) or diameter at breast height (dbh). It is a universal method of tree measurement always done at the same height. This wrap around measurement will give you the circumference. Now using your phone calculator some simple phone math. Yes, it is easy as pie or pi, after you enter that number. Divide the total inches by 3.14.  Select the type of setting or location from the menu.  Then let the mini minions work their magic and show you the dollar values of your trees functions.

Click on the link below for the National Tree Benefit Calculator