Our mission is to improve our
community's quality of life by making
our urban forest safer and more
beautiful through education
and proper tree care.

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Robert Walton, Registered Consulting Arborist, talks about Heart Rot Decay on the field day portion of the
PTCA's Annual Seminar
held in late August.

Dr Ed Gilman, University of Florida, nationally recognized pruning expert, teaches pruning techniques at the
PTCA's 14th Annual Seminar

Does the company you choose stay abreast
of changes in the care of trees? Ask them!


  • Educates the general membership and public with articles, talks and display booths dealing with proper tree care.
  • Conducts hands-on workshops to teach local arborists proper tree care procedures and to train arborists and tree workers for certification by the International Society of Arboriculture.
  • Sponsors speakers from all areas of the Green Industry to educate the membership and local arborists on such topics as worker's compensation law, contractors law, business management, recycling tree waste, disease and pest control, tree care in other regions of the country, safe equipment operation, electrical hazard safety.
  • Sponsors CPR/First Aid training for members.

Above is part of the PTCA field day displays

A demonstration of a portable wood mill (below)at the PTCA field day.

  • Assists in new tree plantings and many Arbor Day projects (see Member News) throughout San Diego county.
  • Co-ordinates and interacts with other organizations such as People for Trees, The California Oak Foundation, California ReLeaf, San Diego County Agriculture Department, University of California Extension, Western Chapter International Society of Arboriculture (WCISA), American Society of Consulting Arborists (ASCA), the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) , Quail Botanical Society and Project Wildlife.
  • Assists in identifying and preserving trees of historical significance in San Diego county.

For rescue, rehabiliatation and release of native wildlife.

Project Wildlife



Above, Dr. Bruce Fraedrich, vice-president of research with Bartlett Tree, teaches decay detection techniques at the
PTCA's 13th Annual Field Day.
This 2-day event allows arborists to take the previous day's
lecture and see it applied in real situations.

More questions about tree needs, tree buying, planting, tree care techniques, pruning, hazards, health?

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